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Helping Creative Leaders Improve
Communication and  Performance

through the power of storytelling.

It's time to take control of  your narrative.

Yes, your narrative.

Whether educator or executive, entertainer or entrepreneur, we are all following a script for our lives and careers. The question is who is writing it and is it aligned with your vision, values, and actions?

Through our unique narrative coaching model, we help learners and leaders navigate change, resolve conflict, develop empathy, and communicate effectively.



What is coaching?

Coaching is a highly personalized, growth-oriented, transformative experience fueled by candid conversations about how to achieve a goal. It is based on the belief that clients have more potential than they currently exhibit and thus employ a coach to help them actualize it. Coaching is not telling you what to do. It is helping clients figure it out for themselves.

What approach do I take to coaching?

I subscribe to the narrative coaching approach to working with clients. In this framework, I help coachees identify and "perform" personal stories to overcome, direct, and/or transform their lives. Narrative Coaching helps clients to change perspectives, communicate better, and increase their capabilities.

Due to my idiosyncrasies as a coach and clients' idiosyncrasies as individuals, I do not coach everyone who applies to be coached.

I am the right coach for you if you are willing to:

Man Digging

Dig deep into your psyche to go beyond the limiting stories you tell yourself that keep you from thriving.

Artistic Clapboard

Take action and not just talk about solutions, but actually "perform" the resolution to your conflict. 

Wedding ring

Be committed to the process of growing and developing, not giving up when times get hard. 

About Your Coach,
Chike Nwabukwu

I've spent the last 15+ years helping people grow, first as an educator and now as a coach.  Through the journey I learned to incorporate my creative tendencies into the process, birthing a unique storytelling approach to human and organizational development. 

My method helps people and brands develop narrative intelligence, which is the ability to leverage the psychological power of story to change behavior and inspire action. It has been used by artists, educators, entrepreneurs, and executives to level up and communicate effectively.

I coach from a growth mindset, believing things can always get better with the right attitude and matching effort. I also believe in lifelong learning and that personal development is synonymous with professional development.

Although a serious thinker, my jovial spirit puts clients at ease and provides a comfortable level for sensitive conversations. Moreover, I provide constant support to coachees, understanding that change can be a challenging and anxiety-ridden process. My goal is always to remind clients they can, will, and must achieve their goals if they are to activate their greatness - or their most ambitious story - regardless of the obstacles that get in your way. 


"My mission is to empower people to pursue the quality of life they desire by helping them rid themselves of old stories which no longer serve them and write new ones that do."

The Stars


Business Presentation with Headset

Presenters & Performers

Performance psychology coaching for writers, speakers, actors, artists, trainers, educators, and managers. 

Business Woman

Entrepreneurs & Executives

Elite coaching for high-performing business people seeking to go to the next level of their career, take more chances, and impact more people. 

Portrait of Mature Man

Coaches & Consultants

Custom business coaching for coaches and consultants seeking to communicate and connect better with clients. 

What People Say

"With each point he made, he gave a story or example that showed the benefits of developing deeper self awareness...I would definitely recommend him if you need a sincere, honest speaker as well as an experienced coach."
- Dennis R. Sumlin, Core Confidence Coach

Coaching Options


1:1 Coaching

Work with Chike on an one-to-one basis to gain greater individualized attention and bespoke feedback.

Women Holding Hands

Group Coaching

Bring your team together to experience the transformation of 

Online work meeting

Mastermind Coaching

Join the private and progressive group of individuals who share knowledge and support each other's personal and professional growth. 


To explore if our program is a good fit for you and your business, please take a few moments to answer the questions below. Once we receive your form, we’ll be in touch to schedule a time to speak and learn more about your current needs.

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